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Money, Power, Inequality
Examining the racial wealth gap.
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Money, Power, Inequality

Examining the racial wealth gap


Why, after years of new policies and good intentions, is Boston still so unequal? And what can we do about it? The Money, Power, Inequality team will zero in on the racial wealth gap and why it persists.

That includes a fuller exploration of our history of inequities: the role of Boston in the slave trade and tracing the systems and policies that have enabled the racial wealth gap to endure.

We’ll explore the societal structures — both intentional and accidental — that stand in the way of wealth equality, from housing policies to a higher education system that favors those who already have the resources. It also means showing how the wealth gap hurts us all, and how closing it doesn’t mean that others lose out. We will focus on illuminating big and bold solutions. And we’ll do this work in conversation with our readers and the community.

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Money, Power, Inequality

In some Boston hospitals, patients get lawyers, too

While medical professionals are trained for illnesses of the body, it’s difficult to navigate patients’ legal matters whether that’s a landlord refusing to cooperate or a need to make calls to help them connect to the right resource. That's where the lawyers step in.

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Money, Power, Inequality

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Money, Power, Inequality

Black and Latino entrepreneurs in Boston lack equal access to growth opportunities, UMass researchers find

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