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What happened when TikTok said users can’t promote weight-loss drugs

Taylor Hubler went to pull up TikTok on her phone one day last month and saw she was logged out. “That’s weird,” she thought. She’d been continuously logged in for a couple of years.

Burned out on screens, people are sending lengthy voice notes instead

From house-party bathrooms to internet culture, voice notes are having a moment.

CyberArk strikes $1.5 billion deal to expand online protection

The local cybersecurity company is buying Utah-based Venafi to expand the kinds of protection it can offer against hackers and online crooks.

Money, Power, Inequality

High speed internet can be expensive. Do towns in Western Massachusetts hold the secret to sustainable, affordable connectivity?

With larger providers having little economic incentive to upgrade internet infrastructure, some Western Massachusetts towns created their own municipal broadband networks, treating high speed internet as a public utility.

Tech Lab

‘We don’t want the algorithm’: Frank McCourt wants to transform the way TikTok works

The Boston-born billionaire is on a crusade to put internet users — people, not corporations — in control of their personal data.

OpenAI’s chief scientist and cofounder is leaving the company

Ilya Sutskever had joined three other board members in November to force out Sam Altman, the company’s high-profile CEO, before saying he regretted the move.

Real estate billionaire Frank McCourt readying US TikTok bid

McCourt, a former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and executive chairman of investment firm McCourt Global, is an unlikely contender for the ByteDance-owned app.

Senators urge $32 billion in emergency spending on AI after finishing yearlong review

While any legislation related to AI will be difficult to pass, especially in an election year and in a divided Congress, the senators said that regulation and incentives for innovation are urgently needed.