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NOAA predicting ‘extraordinary’ Atlantic hurricane season

Officials said all the elements are “coming together” for multiple tropical storms to spin up in the ocean waters.

NOAA predicting ‘extraordinary’ Atlantic hurricane season. Up to 13 hurricanes forecast.

Of those storms, NOAA is also forecasting 8 to 13 hurricanes, 4 to 7 of which will strengthen into major hurricanes.

How to stay safe in the heat

Health experts say listen to your body and know the signs of a heat-related illness.

Map: What is the air quality like in Boston today?

See air quality index readings from around the Northeast and the United States.

Air quality alert issued across parts of New England

Ozone concentrations will be unhealthy for certain groups of people.

Forecast | Ken Mahan

May’s temperatures to keep rising today in Boston, rest of region

Temperatures will be closing in on a stifling 90 degrees across all of New England as summer-like conditions persist.

Tornado devastates Iowa town, killing multiple people as powerful storms rip through Midwest

An Iowa television station showed wind turbines that were toppled by an apparent tornado, and at least one was in flames with black smoke pluming from the bent structure.

Turbulence on a plane led to one death and injured dozens. Here’s what to know about turbulence.

A man's death and severe injuries to other people on a Singapore Airlines flight have raised new questions about turbulence — and whether it is increasing as the global climate warms.