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‘It’s absolute chaos’: Brigham nurses among Boston workers rallying for International Workers’ Day

Several workers groups rallied in Boston on Wednesday including hotel employees, teachers, and Uber and Lyft drivers.

About 1 in 4 US adults over 50 say they expect to never retire, an AARP study finds

Everyday expenses and housing costs, including rent and mortgage payments, are the biggest reasons why people are unable to save for retirement.

New federal rule would bar companies from forcing ‘noncompete’ agreements on employees

According to the Federal Trade Commission, 30 million people — roughly one in five workers — are now subject to such restrictions.

The number of Americans applying for jobless benefits holds steady as labor market remains strong

Massachusetts reported 4,484 “advance” initial claims for unemployment insurance last week.

Injured workers have little recourse against rogue employers. A new bill could change that.

Proposed legislation would allow the attorney general to enforce a law holding employers accountable for trying to deny workers' comp claims.

Fewer Americans file for jobless claims as labor market continues to shrug off higher interest rates

Massachusetts reported 4,975 “advance” initial claims for unemployment insurance last week.

‘It’s nonstop’: Striking BU grad workers struggle to balance teaching, studying, life

The Boston University grad students, who have been on strike since late March, are also university employees, which not only adds to their workload but complicates their relationship with the school.

Two years after its historic win, a divided Amazon Labor Union lurches toward a leadership election

Cracks emerged within the Amazon Labor Union ranks after it lost the votes at a second Staten Island warehouse and one in upstate New York, spurring disagreements about the group’s organizing strategy.