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These two Boston employers just tightened their return-to-office mandates

Fidelity Investments and Deutsche Bank AG are among the ranks of companies changing when and how frequently workers need to report to the office.

Date night strike: Thousands of US, UK delivery, ride-hailing drivers stop work on Valentine’s Day

Many gig workers are pushing to unionize, saying that would give them the ability to bargain over compensation, safety measures, and other benefits.

Date night strike: Thousands of US, UK delivery, ride-hailing drivers stop work on Valentine’s Day

Thousands of ride-hailing and delivery workers in the US and the UK went on strike on Valentine’s Day, calling for fair compensation and other changes to their working conditions.

Gig worker ballot fight is heading to court — again

A coalition of drivers and labor leaders will file a lawsuit Thursday aiming to block five versions of a state ballot initiative that would classify app-based workers as independent contractors.

At Meta’s Cambridge office, cafeteria workers fight to maintain union rights

Last month, when a new contractor started operating the tech giant’s dining facility, it announced it was throwing out the existing union contract and planned to negotiate a new one from scratch.

Union membership rate hits record low in 2023, though unions picked up workers

The decrease in the union membership rate happened because the labor market added a whopping 2.7 million jobs in 2023, with nonunion positions growing at a faster pace than union ones.

Salem Hospital doctors are organizing a union

The physicians citied budget cuts, overflowing hospital beds, and decisions being made without their input.

Starbucks union fight is grinding down the company — and workers at local cafes

A half-dozen local baristas say they are plodding forward with their unionization fight, despite it dragging on without a contract in the 15 Massachusetts union stores.