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Greentown Labs CEO Kevin Knobloch to step down after nine months

Knobloch took the top job at the nonprofit last September, following the departure of longtime leader Emily Reichert.

Much of Boston is built on artificial land. It’s vulnerable to sea level rise and hard to protect.

As climate change worsens and sea levels climb, the huge share of artificial land in Boston is not just an interesting factoid of history, but a significant engineering challenge.

After storms washed away the old boardwalk in Sandwich, a new, more resilient one to open this summer

Residents are ready to return to their beloved boardwalk.

More investors assail Exxon’s climate conduct

Environment-focused investors say the company is falling far short of its climate-related commitments.

Massachusetts Democrats pitch energy transition to union workers: ‘This is a huge construction project’

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward J. Markey from Massachusetts joined state politicians and union leaders on Friday to rally support for federal and state climate investments that they promise will bring new union jobs.

Lights, camera ... climate? Report finds Hollywood is depicting a world without climate change.

“To learn that only 10 percent of the films over the last decade — over this critical period — are even including climate change in their story worlds ... it’s disappointing.”


Podcast: How sustainable are Rhode Island’s food systems?

On a special bonus episodes of the Rhode Island Report podcast, three of Rhode Island’s restaurant and agricultural leaders talk about the climate and business resiliency challenges facing the state’s food system, and experts discuss the state’s Blue Economy.

As offshore wind struggles, are longer contracts the answer?

Rhode Island, and soon Connecticut, allows developers to sign 30-year deals for offshore wind power, lowering the monthly cost of the power they generate. Will Massachusetts do the same?