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Taiwan’s thriving democracy struts its stuff as Beijing fumes

A new president reaches out across the strait but knows the road ahead is rocky.

Alex Beam

To be on the right side of history

History is more like a succession of random events to which we later assign certain meanings. Its complicated perspectives are hard to see, in real time or even in hindsight.

Wendell Jamieson

Why do we treat airplanes like Greyhound buses?

Why do we have so little respect for our fellow travelers that we delay their flights with our ginormous bags and then confront them for six hours with our most slovenly selves?


New Boston vs. old Boston, in the Mayor Wu era

North End restaurant owners don’t see Boston as Mayor Michelle Wu’s city and Wu doesn’t see them as part of her city.


Weed shortage coming to Martha’s Vineyard

Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard are part of Massachusetts. They should have the same access to legal marijuana as the rest of the state.


Israel and America are having a disagreement. That’s OK.

The Jewish state has repeatedly earned US respect by not being a pushover.


The misplaced notion that Donald Trump is a business whiz

His actual record shows staggering losses and unethical practices.


No, Diddy didn’t apologize for assaulting Cassie Ventura

After a video surfaced, he made excuses for his violent behavior, but he neither mentioned Cassie Ventura nor addressed how he called her a liar for telling the truth.