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More New Hampshire Business Headlines

TV news jobs are rife with noncompete agreements. Banning them could be a boon for journalists.

The change could give workers in broadcast media more flexibility at a time when it is harder than ever to build a sustainable career in media.


Home prices in New Hampshire set yet another record in April

The upward price trend continued even as more houses came on the market


Toast someone special with Limoncello Spritz

Fabrizia, the family-run limoncello company from Salem, N.H., offers a new option.


Laconia, N.H., is a city on the lakes — and on the rise

If you’d mentioned Laconia to us in the past, we’d think Motorcycle Week, honky-tonk Weirs Beach, and a sorry-looking downtown. We kept an open mind on a recent visit and were impressed with the changes.


Exeter, N.H.: Come for the history, stay for the food

The small town, at the confluence of the Squamscott and Exeter rivers, has historic mill buildings, well-preserved Colonial and Federal architecture, leafy parks and green spaces, and a compact, walkable downtown. And its culinary scene is exploding.


Proposed funding cuts threaten New Hampshire’s coastal resilience efforts

As sea levels keep rising, the New Hampshire Sea Grant is helping communities prepare and adapt. But proposed funding cuts threaten its programs.


Diaper spa owner fined $10k by N.H. Board of Medicine

The fine is for advertising the highly unusual business as a “physician-run” salon in Atkinson, N.H.

What to know about the controversy over tolls at Mass. borders

State Transportation Secretary Monica Tibbits-Nutt stirred controversy when she suggested Massachusetts could start charging tolls to drivers entering its borders.