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More New Hampshire Political Headlines


Dean of the N.H. Senate Lou D’Allesandro to retire

“You can’t stay beyond the time when you can make a difference, and I believe that my service in the Senate has made a difference in the lives of people,” the longtime state senator said Tuesday.


Bees, bugs, and the fight over using drones to apply pesticides in N.H.

New Hampshire farmers could soon be allowed to use drones to apply pesticides without notifying their neighbors, but not everyone thinks it’s a good idea.

Senate confirms N.H. prosecutor Seth Aframe to Boston-based federal appeals court

The assistant US attorney fills a seat on the US First Circuit Court of Appeals that has been vacant for more than two years.


Cannabis bill clears historic vote in N.H. Senate, but path to legalization remains uncertain

It was a historic milestone for a chamber that has repeatedly rejected cannabis legalization bills in the past.


President Biden will visit Boston after official trip to N.H. next week

The trip will mark Biden’s second visit to New Hampshire since he won the state’s first-in-the-nation primary in January, thanks to a write-in campaign.


N.H. Senate to vote on bills affecting LGBTQ youths

The controversial proposals on the calendar this week would affect education and health care


Republican N.H. House member resigns amid accusations of plotting an ‘ambush’ vote

Representative Ross Berry was stripped of his chairmanship and membership on the Election Law Committee after reopening a vote on a proposed constitutional amendment without waiting for most Democrats to return to the room.


John Doe cops asking N.H. Supreme Court to spare their reputations

The lawsuits reflect debate over how much information must be made public about police misconduct and which types of incidents are potentially exculpatory.