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New Hampshire is poised to tell us what we already knew — the GOP isn’t a party, it’s a cult

If the New Hampshire primary was supposed to be democracy’s last stand, it has hardly played out that way.


When it comes to Trump and Biden, Nikki Haley and Dean Phillips test the politics of cognitive decline

If the New Hampshire of today still bears a strong resemblance to the independent-minded Granite State of old, expect a primary result that jump-starts the intra-party process.

James Pindell | ANALYSIS

Haley hopes to pull off a McCain-like upset in N.H. Here, by the numbers, is why it’s not happening.

Nearly 24 years ago, a town hall in Peterborough was the sign that then-Senator John McCain’s momentum was building.

David Shribman

Searching for the N.H. primary and coming up empty

Where were the candidates? Scarcer than an empty chairlift at Loon Mountain on a sunshine morning during President’s Day weekend. It’s enough to make someone actually miss Vivek Ramaswamy.


Fanatics or just fans? Inside a New Hampshire Trump rally.

Part rock concert, part mega-church service, part UFC match, Donald Trump’s latest rally in New Hampshire vividly displayed the devotion of his supporters.


If you can, pick a GOP ballot in New Hampshire — and use it to stop Donald Trump

Independents can vote in the New Hampshire GOP primary. On Tuesday, they should help anti-Trump Republicans defeat the former president as he seeks the nomination again.


Who’s a RINO? (Hint: Not Nikki Haley.)

Haley is getting hammered by Donald Trump for being a “Republican in name only.” But she may be the most conservative candidate in the race.


To distinguish herself from Trump, Haley needs to renounce racism instead of denying its existence

Too bad her political ambitions get in the way of speaking the truth.