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10 TV shows to sit back and enjoy this summer

These are the shows Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert will be watching in the weeks ahead.


This ‘Presumed Innocent’ rewrites the legal thriller’s script

David E. Kelley’s limited series starring Jake Gyllenhaal and premiering June 12 on Apple TV+ updates Scott Turow’s twisty tale for the 2020s.

Matthew Gilbert | 'SNL' Showdown

Kate McKinnon wins our best ‘SNL’ cast member bracket

Who’s the best "Saturday Night Live" cast member of the past five decades? We asked readers to decide.


As a political satirist, Kate McKinnon made her biggest impression

Her portrayals of Jeff Sessions, Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Rudy Giuliani, and so many more likely played a big role in voters choosing her as the best "SNL" cast member in the show's history.

'SNL' Showdown

Best ‘SNL’ cast member bracket: Here’s how readers voted in each round

“SNL” Showdown is now over. Here's how Globe readers voted in each round of our best cast member bracket.

Netflix adaption of Judy Blume’s ‘Forever’ films on Martha’s Vineyard

“We’re super-supportive of filming done here on the Vineyard instead of pretending they’re on the Vineyard,” said Sarah York, the manager of CB Stark Jewelers.


A pair of ‘SNL’ finalists with nothing in common — except that they’re very funny

John Belushi and Kate McKinnon represent different eras, genders, and comedic styles. But both were over-the-top performers who brought big energy to the “SNL” stage.


John Belushi’s rock ’n’ roll spirit endures

Belushi — who beat Dana Carvey in Round 4 — has a star power that is almost unmatched by anyone else in the history of the show, except perhaps Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, or Gilda Radner.